Expressive Art Therapy

I draw heavily on the fields of art therapy & expressive arts therapy in my work, especially with my younger clients. Both of these therapies are statistically shown to help children who may not have developed a vocabulary to describe or explain what is troubling them. Thoughts and feelings which are sometimes hard to express in words can often be expressed in images or through play. The use of art allows the child to keep a safe psychological distance from their difficulties as they work on solving them.

 expressive art therapy

Art therapy is also useful with teens. Using art facilitates communication between the young person and me by allowing feelings and inner conflicts to be expressed and resolved. The art they make helps me gain insight into their unique situations and sense of self in a way that is not as threatening for the young person as traditional “talk” therapy. I also use narrative therapy, cognitive restructuring, and relaxation breathing as well as any other research based methods that I feel are appropriate on an individual basis.

I do hold a post graduate certification in Expressive Art Therapy from Appalachian State University.

At times, I like to bring the use of art into family and couples sessions. Adults sometimes need a different way to process and experience their life difficulties and I have found that those who are willing to try, often have pleasant and powerful results.

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