Child Therapy

parenting & young children behavior therapyI have experience working effectively with children coping with various struggles, including self-esteem, peer relationships, depression, anxiety and fears, behavioral problems, ADHD, separation/divorce, grief and loss, school problems, family changes and/or conflict, and abuse and trauma.  I have counseled children in a numerous settings including outpatient, day treatment, foster care, and residential treatment. I also work closely with parents to assist in improving and strengthening the parent/child relationship and improve ways of responding to and coping with your child’s struggles. Therapy can help in uncovering underlying emotions, thoughts, concerns, and worries that are causing the struggles they are experiencing. Children can often open up and share feelings with a therapist because they don’t have to worry about their feelings causing their parents to worry about them.  I combine therapy approaches to best meet the individual child’s needs including utilizing play and art techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy to change thoughts leading to distressing emotions and behaviors, and practicing new behaviors to cope with emotions and help in interactions and relationships with others. Treatment goals are established for each individual child such as helping them identify and express feelings and to improve communication skills, decision-making and problem-solving skills, behavior choices, and relationships with others. Throughout my career I continue to be amazed with the healing and improvements children can achieve.

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