Adolescent and Teen Therapy

Adolescents and teens are facing adolescent-teen therapyan ever-changing world and challenges, including how social media is affecting relationships. Some teens need added support in coping with peer relationships, family conflict, and making healthy life choices. Many adolescents are resistant to therapy but I find they often change their mind after starting. I am honest and supportive and can become a trusted adult who they can confide in and explore their current struggles with emotions, relationships, and choices. Therapy can help teens identify their internal struggles and develop healthier ways to view and cope with struggles and provide support as they learn and practice new skills. Adolescence is developmentally the time when teens are developing their own identity, separating and gaining independence from their parents, and experiencing emotional and physical changes that can lead to overwhelming feelings of confusion and pressure.  I have experience helping teens cope with peer relationships to more serious struggles with self-injury, body image and trauma history. I also work closely with parents who are often struggling with how best to help  their teen and we will determine together needs for family therapy.

I have expertise helping adolescents and teens with:

  • communication
  • launching/transitioning to high school or college
  • sexual & gender identifying
  • family conflict
  • peer relationships
  • goal setting
  • making decisions
  • identity development
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • anger management
  • emotional regulation
  • self-esteem and confidence
  • coping skills
  • school difficulties
  • trauma and abuse
  • self-injury

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