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Creative Insight Psychotherapy

Hello & thank you for taking a look at my Creative Insight Psychotherapy website. I’m Michelle, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. My practice is based in the Lake Norman of North Carolina and I often incorporate the beautiful scenery outside my office in sessions. I like to work with clients on improving the quality of their relationships- be it as a couple, parent/child, whole family or as an individual seeking out connection in life with those around them. I use attachment therapy, relational therapy and mindfulness practices with most clients. Many times using talk therapy is not enough to reach a full understanding of how to find insight, so I use art therapy and other creative techniques to encourage growth. I am a certified expressive art therapist as well and I find that bringing creativity into sessions when needed can allow movement needed for change. I hope that you enjoy my blog and website and that you find the information useful to you. This in no way replaces therapy and if you are in need of therapeutic treatment please consider finding a therapist in your area. Welcome!lake1


About Michelle

My therapeutic approach originates from a family systemic view of relationships and development. I believe strongly in a strength-based approach and that anyone can benefit from support and a nonjudgmental perspective during difficult transitions and experiences.
I am open-minded and understanding, and have worked with clients on a variety of issues, from anxiety and depression to impulse control and anger management, trauma and adoption. I specialize in couples and family therapy including parenting, communication and sexual difficulties. I also offer groups as sufficient need arises.
We all face struggles in our lives, & we all have within us the capacity to move through those struggles successfully. My goal is to work to help you access the courage, determination and strength within, & move towards creating what you want to create for yourself, your family, and your life.
I live in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina with my husband and 2 children. Originally from Ohio, we have happily found ourselves enjoying North Carolina for the past 8 years and look forward to continuing to what life has to offer us here.



 I hold a license as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and received my education in Marriage and Family Therapy from Appalachian State University (ASU). I also received a post-graduate certificate in Expressive Art Therapy from ASU. In 2012 I participated in a 2 year Parent-Child Interactive Therapy program at Duke University that focuses on behavioral issues in very young children (ages 2-6yr old). In 2014 I completed a national training on gambling addiction and the use of gambling type issues, and I will be continuing to attend training to strengthen my skills for this ever-changing addiction. I attend national conferences regularly pertaining to my field, specifically the American Academy of Psychotherapists and was awarded as a Scholar for the 2013 national conference.


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