Women’s Group Therapy

I am pleased to share that I am now offering a co-led women’s group with my colleague, Elizabeth Field, LMFT. This is a therapeutic group aimed at helping women change their attitudes and behaviors around discovering themselves and who they want to be. Goals for this group include getting in touch with and expressing your feelings, becoming more assertive and autonomous. You will gain an understanding of yourself as a woman in today’s world and uncover how you got to where you are today (and encouraged to do something different if you wish). We believe that there is value in giving and receiving of support to and from each other. We hope the group will provide the opportunity for women to learn more about themselves, their culture, beliefs, sense of worth and grow to appreciate themselves more deeply. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, please contact me and we can discuss joining the group.

This group meets twice monthly for 90 minutes and will ebb and flow with participants attending. We believe in the importance of confidentiality and commitment therefore we hold this group with care and choose members who will benefit from the group.

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