How to Get Centered When You’re Feeling Off Balance

Is your busy, chaotic life sending you into a tail-spin on a daily basis? It can be so easy to let life stressors overwhelm us and make us feel like we can’t catch our breath. Here are a few things to try to get you re-centered in a snap when you’re feeling off balance.

How to Get Centered When You're Feeling Off Balance Michelle A  Coomes MA, LMFT Davidson, NC
Michelle A Coomes MA, LMFT Davidson, NC
  • Breathe- Simply put, focusing on your breathing will help remind you that even at your busiest you need to breathe to stay upright and finish your tasks. Close your eyes, count your breaths slowly for 1 minute and notice the difference that it makes in your body.
  • Stretch- Most people agree that yoga can be super relaxing & good for the body. When you’re trying to reach a looming deadline your neighborhood yoga place feels like it’s on another continent! Lie on the floor or stand up and stretch out your body, feeling the sensation of your muscles waking up. Try to do this a few times a day for a quick energizer to get your through your day.
  • Get outdoors- Hop outside to water the plants, walk around the block or even just take your laptop outdoors for a few minutes to feel the sun on your face & take in the goodness of nature.
  • Find your family- Sit on the couch next to your spouse, snuggle up with your little one or get a tight hug from a friend. Feeling the closeness of someone who cares about you can feel wonderful when you’re not feeling connected and can remind you as to what matters most in life.
  • Write/Doodle it Out- Sometimes the best way to make your mind stop spinning is to dump it out on paper & then organize it before picking it back up again. You can even use highlighters to focus on what needs to happen first, second and seeing a pop of color just might brighten your day a bit.

Finally, once you’ve gotten through this period of feeling off-balance take stalk of your life situation and help prepare yourself for how to avoid feeling off balance the next time life becomes busy. Schedule in regular self-care time (hang out with friends, mani/pedi, exercise, get out of town, have a schedule-free day) or set up an appointment to talk with a therapist. Getting mentally healthy can help prevent life feeling out of control. If you’d like to learn more about how therapy can help you be more balanced please call for a free phone consultation.

I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist practicing in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina. I enjoy working with people on improving their lives, relationships and feeling all around more mentally healthy.

Michelle A Coomes MA, LMFT             704-237-0814


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