Meditation: How a New Tech Gadget has Helped Me Find Calm


I have discovered a favorite new tech toy and I just cannot get enough of it! Muse- the brain sensing headband is a mini bio-feedback machine that came into my life about 2 months ago and it’s changed the way I meditate and get into a focused, calm mode on a daily basis.

Here’s the quick breakdown of Muse: you wear Muse like a foreword facing headband across your forehead & behind your ears. There’s 5 sensors that will measure your brain waves and report back to a free app on your phone which connects via Bluetooth. The app tests your brain with a simple task (such as think of all of the names of cities you can think of) for a moment so it can see what your brain waves look like when you’re mind is active. Next the app prompts you to begin a meditation session where you can choose between an ocean scene or a rain shower for as short as 2 minutes and all the way up to 45 minutes. You’re encouraged to focus on your breathing and quieting your mind. Now for the exciting part- when you begin thinking it starts storming to help you become aware of your busy mind. When you calm your mind and focus back on the meditation the rain calms and for long periods of calm you’ll hear birds chirping. It’s the simplest and coolest way to be aware of where your focus is when you’re in the act of meditating. Once you’ve finished your session the app compiles your stats & shows you exactly what percentage your mind was calm, active and neutral, even how many birds were chirping.

I’ve meditated for several years but Muse has helped me become more diligent (the app can send you reminders) and also more aware of my level of calm and focus. I’ve noticed that using Muse regularly has allowed me to be more aware of when my mind is racing or even wandering when I am trying to be focused. I’ve even had several of my clients give it a go, many being surprised how active their mind is when they think they are calm. Having Muse in my office, some clients come in early to meditate with Muse to get in the mindset for their session with me so they’re feeling more prepared and focused to focus on their goals.

For more information about Muse you can head over to their website and check it out or contact me to come in and give it a try in a session. I most often use Muse to assist in sessions relating to anxiety, ADHD and being more self aware. I have found that it has an impact in a fairly short period of time.

Choose Muse Brain Sensing Headband

I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist practicing in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina. I enjoy working with people on improving their lives, relationships and feeling all around more mentally healthy.

Michelle A Coomes MA, LMFT             704-237-0814

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