Gentle Ways to Feel More at Home in Your Own Home

Ever feel like you’re not comfortable in your own home? Studies have shown that the environment we live in can have a direct impact on our mood and outlook on life. With just a few small adjustments your home can begin to reflect you and the outlook you want to have day to day.

  • Make your bed. I don’t know why this simple task can make me feel so accomplished first thing in the morning, but it sure does! You don’t have to focus on making your bedroom look like a showroom when you leave each morning (unless you want to) but making your bed can help set your day off well and be inviting to you when you return for bedtime in the evening.
  • Surround yourself with items that remind you of good memories.  Instead of filling your home with the current styles from Home Goods, find items that mean something to you and place them in areas of your home where you’ll see them and smile. If you love to travel, bring home a trinket from your destination or frame a photo you snapped that reminds your of the good memories from the trip. Have children? Mine are often giving me little gifts like stones, pinecones and other finds. I keep a jar for each child and place their finds in them to remind me of their innocence and love.
  • Keep a gratitude journal in a place you’ll see it. You’ve probably heard of keeping a gratitude journal before but have ever thought of displaying it so not only you can enjoy it but you can allow others to see your gratitude as well? A one-line a day gratitude journal can be a great conversation starter and may encourage others to treat you with gratitude as well.
  • Decorate your mirror. Making your mirror beautiful may make you feel happier to see yourself first thing in the morning. Use a few sticky notes with words of encouragement, seasonal window clings or a dry erase marker to decorate your mirror and let the beauty and art surround you.
  • Grow something. Having a simple plant, flower or even some potted herbs to tend to can make you feel more at home. Choose something that you know you can manage with your schedule & enjoy watching it grow. You’ll begin to notice where the sunlight comes into your home and may appreciate it a little more.
  • Find a way to love the chore you hate doing. OK, I’ll go a little Mary Poppins on you here. The laundry isn’t going to get folded on its own so you will fold it, and with a spoon full of sugar you’ll like it! But really, use mindfulness focus on your senses while doing a chore- the way your favorite pajamas feel while folding them, the smell of your clean sheets as you spread them onto your bed. If that doesn’t work, throw on your favorite Pandora station & rock out with the broom! 
  • Make a comfy corner. This one’s my favorite. When my son was little I outfitted a corner of his room with plush blankets, pillows, books and a stuffed animal or two. He loved it and now my daughter has one too! For me, I have my grandmother’s rocking chair in a corner of my room where I like to relax with tea and a book or notebook to doodle in. It’s the place I feel at home in my own home and brings memories of me rocking my babies to sleep and watching my grandmother rock in it herself. Feel free to leave a comment below & share your favorite way to feel more at home in your own home.

I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist practicing in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina. I enjoy working with people on improving their lives, relationships and feeling all around more mentally healthy.

Michelle A Coomes MA, LMFT    704-237-0814

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