Feeling Unmotivated? Check out these fun ways to kick-start your brain!

It’s been a cloudy, grey start to June here in the Lake Norman, NC area and I’ve been feeling unmotivated to get things accomplished with weather like this. Many of my clients and even friends have made similar comments so I wanted to share a few fun ways to wake up your brain and help get you motivated to make the most of your day. Check out my list below & feel free to share some of your own favorites in the comments below.

Music. What’s your favorite music that gets you pumped & excited for a new adventure? Instead of listening to talk radio on your drive to work in the morning, rock out!

Doodle. Pull out a journal or even a scrap piece of paper & just let your hand doodle away. I have built into my schedule a practice of “Zentangling”, a mindful/meditation based form of doodling that uses simple patterns that you can put together to create beautiful piece of art. If you’re interested in finding out more Zentangle you can check out my Pinterest page where I have a whole section on the mindful doodles. https://www.pinterest.com/MCTherapy/zentangle/

Reach out to a friend to say a quick “hello”. Making connections with another person can pull you out of your daze and bring you to the present moment where you can feel more alive. As a bonus, make plans with someone so you have something to look forward to!

Take the stairs or go for a walk. Physical activity pumps blood through your body & to your brain, helping you feel more awake and ready for the day ahead of you.

Do some cross-body work. When you do large movements that cross the lateral line of your body it links up the left and right hemispheres of your brain. Stand up & touch your toes with the opposite hand, do crunches & touch elbow to opposite knee or draw large figure-eights with your arms. These are all easy ways to help your brain’s hemispheres communicate with each other and raise your productivity.

Sex. Enjoy sex with your partner. Not only will it stimulate your senses, it has also been shown to decrease your stress level to free you up from stress that bogs you down.

Brain game apps. I love using the Fit Brains free app when I’m feeling fuzzy brained. It challenges your brain in 3 short quizzes and tracks your progress. Once you’ve done 3 you’re unable to keep playing until the next day, so you aren’t sucked in to playing for an hour & losing track of time.

These are just a few of my fun favorites that help me kick-start my brain on dreary days. Try some out the next time you feel unmotivated!

I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist practicing in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina. I enjoy working with people on improving their lives, relationships and feeling all around more mentally healthy.

Michelle A Coomes MA, LMFT    704-237-0814



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